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What we do

URES assists the elderly in Uganda to seek health care from Health Centres. Their problems range from vulnerable diseases, backache, joint pains, hearing problems and jiggers to mention but a few.

At the health centres, the sick are treated and given drugs while URES meets the medical costs, since the elderly cannot pay for their medical bills. The elderly are also provided with mosquito sprays and nets.

URES helps in educating communities in various areas of activity related to their welfare e.g HIV/AIDS/ treating infected adults and giving them formal education, piggery and goat rearing.

URES is also engaged in training and educating the elderly in craft making by using local materials to make baskets and mats. More still, sensitize and educate the general public on the needs, rights of the elder person and first aid.
Uganda Rural Elderly Support (URES) is not a government agency, but depends on simple donations to carry out its work.